Whacky Xmas iOS Mobile Game

Front-end build (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) - December 2012

Splash screen

Built from the ground up for digital agency, Brave, and with a tight deadline of only three days, I led the front-end development of a Christmas-themed iOS HTML5 game based on the well-known whack-a-mole concept.

The game was built using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, includes a scoreboard with data pulled in via JSON (from WordPress backend), sound effects (iOS6+ using the Web Audio API), audio soundtrack and hardware-accelerated CSS3 animations.

The game was accessible using an Aurasma (Augmented Reality app) trigger image printed on a Christmas card posted to each of Brave's clients.

Campaign has finished - URL no longer available


Hitting Rudolph gets you 500 points, but hitting Santa deducts a -500 point deduction.

Campaign has finished - URL no longer available