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Full front-end build (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) - November 2012

Voting begins

Smart Viera Awards was a highly successful Facebook app which allowed users to vote on their favourite moments of 2012.

Being able to drive the development and give significant input into the interactions, animations & look and feel, was key to the successful outcome of this project.

I chose the RoyalSlider jQuery plugin as the basis for the paging function as it is robust, has a multitude of callback methods, excellent customisation and solid CSS3 animation support. The voting functionality sits on top of this and polls a MySQL DB via AJAX to collect/deliver the JSON voting data. The voting circle animations were produced using the jquery.donutchart plugin.

Campaign has finished - No URL available.

Custom friend finder

Facebook friends were pulled in via AJAX and an instant text search filter built allowing easy lookup of friends.

Your rewards

At the end of a survey the backend dynamically generates a shareable rewards poster.