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Using Sass to solve mobile first issues in IE8

When following the responsive, mobile first methodology, there's always an issue of how to support those browsers which don't have media query support, such as IE8. My approach utilises Sass mixins, named, modular media queries and conditional comments to output pure CSS/HTML, so you can continue building mobile first as you normally would, while allowing you to choose a specific view to fallback to for non-supporting browsers.

Sass Mediaqueries on Github


event-em is a JavaScript library, based on the mediator pattern, which assists in creating event-driven and loosely-coupled apps.

event-em on Github

Validator (WIP)

Validator is a a lightweight JavaScript library for validating HTML text, number, tel and email form input types across HTML5 and non-HTML browsers.

Validator on Github


Lots of handy little code nuggets I've created or gathered.

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