BBC Connected TV

Full front-end (HTML5, CSS3, OO JavaScript and build scripts) - June 2013

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BBC Connected TV is a responsive informational site to encourage more people to use Smart TVs, games consoles and mobile devices for accessing catch-­up TV and on-­demand services.

I made the decision early on to use the Node­based static site generator, DocPad, in which to build the site upon. This allowed me to utilise templates, partials and pre­processors, while still outputting to a flat site for deployment.

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The JavaScript is event­-driven and built in a loosely-­coupled fashion, utilising my own event-­em mediator library to facilitate this. The CSS was built in a modular fashion using a BEM/SMACSS­-like syntax and broken down into a number of modules and partials and then recompiled using Sass. Grunt was used extensively in deployment, notably to produce a separate accessible version of the site by stripping out scripts and conditionally toggling content.

The site follows the BBC’s accessibility guidelines (a subset of WCAG level 2.0 AA) and includes a number of ARIA features.

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